Othello De’Souza-Hartley

Othello De'Souza-Hartley is a London based visual artist working in photography and film. He received a Postgraduate Diploma in photography from Central Saint Martins and an MA in Fine Art from Camberwell College of Art. In 2011 De'Souza-Hartley received an Arts Award from the University of Arts London.

De’Souza-Hartley’s work is inspired by the local, narratives of the body in relation to the history of place and coded space, and the complexities of identity formation. His work challenges notions of social and cultural normativity. He presents his subjects as components of an enigma, or indeed as enigmas themselves, suspended in a moment of timelessness, where the confines of age, race and gender have the potential to dissipate and be redefined.

His work has anthropological sensibility, by revealing the psychological and social conditions of his subjects, he seeks to strip away the veneer between a person and their world. De’Souza-Hartley’s works illuminate the forgotten narratives of the ordinary stranger; from the working class man to the community protagonist. Influenced by moody, classical painting aesthetics; the subtleties of tonal colours and composition, ‘De’Souza-Hartley’s imagery is often an intoxicating paradox within a silent world; dark, but resolutely beautiful’.

De'Souza-Hartley is the recipient of numerous commissions including the National Portrait Gallery, The Photographers' Gallery, Victoria Albert Museum, Camden Arts Centre and Platform for Art. He has had solo exhibitions at The Museum of Liverpool, The Camden Arts Centre and The Underground Gallery, and has been included in group shows at the Gasworks Gallery and the APT gallery in London. He has also been featured in publications, some of which include 160g Magazine, Le Journal De La Photographie, Trace Magazine, Neo 2 and The Guardian.